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Thank you so very much for you quick response – We were quite stunned by the 100%+ increase in costs for my Mother’s funeral arrangements from our original pricing one year ago.  There was no mention of their [my parent’s] membership with the  Memorial Society of Edmonton…Mom was on a very limited income and we were riding a very fine line in maintaining her nursing home costs etc.  So your society’s help and support at this very trying times is so very much appreciated.  V & M

I’m so glad we met with you a couple of years ago as we then immediately went to our chosen funeral provider and took care of all our funeral arrangements.

My husband passed away in August of 2017 and having already made that contact made everything so much simpler.  I know the same will be true for my family in the future.  In appreciation Dorothy S.



What we do

We act as an information repository  and a source for information and help.  We seek to promote our objectives through education and pre-planning.   When you become a member you will receive a package of information or an email, that gives options and details about:

  •  arranging a funeral
  •  planning what you need to do and how to do it
  •  financing your funeral
  •  determining what you want done
  • the information required by government .
  •  funeral providers available at reduced cost to members
  •  services provided by funeral providers for a cremation or a burial
  •  Cemeteries and their services and reduced costs to members
  •  Tissue donation
  •  Donating your body to science
  • Final needs insurance in general, how this works with membership
  •  Medical assistance in dying

Membership is simple and cost conscious.  $40 per person one time only (lifetime) no additional costs. Your membership is transferrable between Memorial Societies.  There  is a small fee, that varies from Society to Society.

This and additional information is available without setting up a profile or logging in.  Please browse through the site and  the areas indicated to the right.