Happy New Year to all with the hope that the New Year will be one filled with many blessings.

Jump into 2018 by attending one or all of the special event presentations sponsored by MSED, hosted by our Funeral Providers and conducted by supporters of the Memorial Society.

On February 15th, Trinity Funeral Home will host a presentation conducted by Covenant Health sharing tips and techniques to improve our emotional and mental health.  To get us through the remaining months of winter, we will focus on activities, goal setting and awareness of how our thoughts affect our mental health.

A financial planner will join us on March 13th, to discuss the importance of preserving family wealth and when to begin the transfer process.  Tips on wealth transfer strategies including cash, risk and investment management techniques, as well as tax planning, will give you and your heirs an understanding of the significance of inheritance gifting and succession planning.  Foster and McGarvey Funeral Homes will be our host for this evening presentation.


IT’S UP TO YOU.  Help determine and plan your final wishes now and spare those surviving you difficult decisions at a time of grief.  This April 17th event hosted by Serenity Funeral Service will provide an opportunity to tour the host facility and crematorium and get answered those questions you may have before you make important end of life decisions.

Please join us for these interesting and timely events.  We welcome and encourage you to bring family and friends.

To register or receive further details, please call the Memorial Society office at 780-944-0196 or CONTACT:


We look forward to seeing you!

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