Planning Resources

Joining MSED will help you get started in your planning. Once you’ve joined, you will receive a designation form.  This form outlines the many choices you can make in advance. Become a member here.

You can find important information about MSED’s contracted service providers and cemetery referral program here, which are important components of pre-planning. The following links also provide helpful resources to help you start your planning.

Personal Directives
Personal Directives are important in assuring who makes decisions for you when you are incapacitated. For more information you can access information about Personal Directives on the Government of Alberta website here. There are also instructions on how to complete a Personal Directive available here, along with a link to the form.  The form is located under the expanded Step 2.  (Click on the + next to step 2).

There is additional information on personal directives on the “Personal Directives” post

There is an executor’s kit available as follows:  Free Executor’s Kit


Guardianship for Dependent Adults
Guardianships may be required. For more information try this Government Link

Travelling? Print this information to pack with you.

Alberta Seniors government web site for information on all aspects of Seniors’ concerns in Alberta. website
Also call 780-427-7876 or 1-800-642-3853 to ask for “Saying Farewell” and other booklets. Download Saying Farewell as a.pdf

Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board – website
This board provides funeral advice, legal information, a list of licensed Alberta funeral homes, complaint handling process and other information.

SAGE [Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton] website

Marketing to the Deceased can include unwanted solicitations. There is a new service to stop this intrusion. For more information see the Canadian Bereavement Register web site.