Death is Not an Easy Subject

If it is not discussed ahead of time, loved ones are often left to make decisions about final arrangements at the most difficult time.

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Here are some samples.

Saying Goodbye: Talking to Kids About Death

Letting Children Share in Grief
Excerpts from “Letting Children Share in Grief”, Catherine Saint Louis, Sept. 19, 2012, Home and Garden printed in the New York Times.

A few decades ago, children often didn’t attend funerals.  The thinking was that they should be sheltered from the pain of losing a loved one….the need to even broach the subject o death was delayed because many grandparents survived deep into their golden years.

But recently, the opposite view – that children should be as involved in the grieving process as adults are – has been taking hold, reflecting an increasingly common belief that children are better off when their grief is acknowledged and they are allowed to mourn in the company of relatives and peers.

“Twenty-five years ago, children were ‘invisible grievers,’ said Vicy Ott, Executive Director of Fernside (a non-profit center in Cincinnati)…There ws an attitude, she said, that they “are resilient, they will bounce back, we don’t need to talk to them about death….”. For more see the link above.

How to Create a Peaceful at-home hospice for your Loved One

The Bereaved Employee:  Returning to Work